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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 30, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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question, does he believe he's the greatest receiver of all time. >> i think now, now that i'm older, i've -- i do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't think numbers stand because there's -- you know, you can -- you talk about this and this. i think that i've had -- this year has been a down year for me statistically. the year before i retire was a downyear, then in oakland it was a down year. so i don't really live on numbers. i really live on impact and what you're able to do. so i do believe i'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game. >> some will argue with those thoughts. we'll show you what's coming up on comcast sports bay area live. you're probably thinking at home, what does jerry rice think of those comments, the receiver that most if not all consider to be the greatest of all time in
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the nfl, in yards, receptions, receiving, touchdowns. he wouldn't be the one to say he was the greatest of all time. but you got to look at the stats. he said you do that by winning super bowls. he's won three of those in his career. randy moss is still looking for his first. i'm ahmad fa read. >> i just hope that he does win that first. >> it would be nice to see the 49ers get it done this year. we're discussing them on camera but also through socialed me yancht the 49ers have been sharing those behind the scenes shots with all their fans out there. we start with this photo tweeted by offensive tackle joe staley. the caption on this one, "o "-line party. >> this is a picture of york giving directions as the team took its official super bowl photo. the beach is that way. the caption on the photo reads,
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49ers players were jealous of how swolled up i am. >> oh, yeah, brick house. legendary quarterback joe cool, joe montana, just joined twitter. he's decided to fire one off. 140 characters should fit perfectly for this guy. his very first tweet. good luck 49ers, looking for a great super bowl. nice job. >> a devoted niners fan is on her way to new orleans this morning. but the trip almost didn't happen because of a ticket scam. sharon osgood bought four super bowl tickets from a man on craigslist. she wired him the money, but when the envelope arrived there were no tickets inside, just a picture of the two starting quarterbacks and a note that said, enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. there's nothing funny about
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that. she said she trusted the man, she had a name and phone number and had spoken to him a couple of times before she sent the money. >> after four days of conversation, 4 1/2 days, we didn't think that this was a hoax. who would go through all that, you know? i mean, really, if you were trying to scam somebody, would you continue text messaging, e-mailing, phone calling? >> the ceo of ticketmaster heard about osgood's story and gave her four tickets to the big game. she's on her way. the 49ers chipped in another ticket, so her entire family could make the trip. investigators are now trying to track down the man behind the scam. >> love those happy endings. new this morning, we have more on fans who are making that trip down to the big easy with just five days left until the big ball game. a lot of fans packing up all that niners gear and heading to the airport. we caught up with a san francisco man who is flying to new orleans later on tonight. his name sonny walla, just got his ticket in the mail yesterday, but didn't come
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cheap. >> face value says 950, but i spent 4900 on this ticket itself. so yeah, quite a bit. >> quite a bit of a markup on that one. that's a true fan. he says he's been a niners fan since he was 10. his big prediction niners taking this one by ten. >> i like his satten jacket. >> smooth. >> law enforcement has come up with its own defense plan for super bowl sunday. 1300 federal agents and 270 state troopers will support police in new orleans. the u.s. coast guard will patrol the lower mississippi river for any coastal threat. and the pentagon says norad will be monitoring the skies over the big easy ready to scramble fighter jets at a moment's notice. stay with nbc bay area for complete coverage of super bowl week. we'll bring you everything
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49ers. new this morning, the senate judiciary committee held a hearing called what should americans do about gun violence? the hearing was opened with an emotional plea by former representative gabrielle giffords. >> violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> giffords attended the hearing with husband astronaut mark kelly who also spoke. the former congresswoman has become a public advocate for gun control after being severely injured in a shooting at a campaign event more than two years ago in tucson, arizona. >> that was a powerful press conference. >> nra vice president wayne lapierre also spoke saying that because of their children safety program, fatal firearm accidents are at the lowest level in more than 100 years.
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he said the government should not dictate what people can lawfully own and use to protect our families. meantime, happening right now, pro gun activists holding a rally in san francisco speaking out. the group claims anti-gun legislation won't have any effect on crime rates. today's rally a precursor to the national day of resistant that is a series of pro-gun rallies taking place on february 23rd. san francisco police are investigating remains that could solve an almost 30-year-old cold case. 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared on his way home from basketball practice in 1984. police served a search warrant in the haight-ashbury district yesterday. the home is close to the last place collins was seen. police sigh a cadaver dog picked up a scent and they found bones in the garage of that home
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buried underneath. neighbors say police detectives have been snooping around since at least december. >> they wanted to come into my room because you can see out my window into that backyard. and they said that there was a homicide investigation about something that happened like 20 years ago. >> the medical examiner says the bones found underneath the concrete look like animal bones, but they will be examined just to be sure. and this morning, walnut creek police still searching for thieves who strongarmed a jewelry store. the suspects targeted the davidson & licht jewelry store just before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. investigators say one of the suspects stepped in and sprayed employees with pepper spray while the other smashed up the display cases with a sledgehammer. the good news here nobody was hurt, but a long list of rolex watches were ripped off. both suspects took off in a newer model black infiniti suv which was driven by a third
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suspect. a bay area man is suing the boy scouts of america saying he was sexually abused by a scout master when he was a teenager. the incident happened in vacaville when the victim was 14. now he's a member of the coast guard. the lawsuit will be announced in san francisco this morning. christina loren has the day off. rob mayeda joins us and he has his eyes on the sky. it's nice out there. >> it's nice if you can get out of the studio and enjoy it. >> let's do it. >> so nice that even cruiseships aren't leaving san francisco right now. we pointed the camera back off to the west. you can see the golden gate bridge. a little bit of haze out there, but no haze at all, no fog, no clouds. in liver more and we moved past yesterday's high temperatures and it's only 11:00 in the morning. you'll notice these winds slightlyoff shore today. it is helping to clear out our
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skies. temperatures will climb up probably through 3:00 in the afternoon. clear conditions tall way to the evening. 50s and low 60s. but this is just really the starting trend of a warm-up that's going to edge us closer to the weekend. we'll let you know how warm it will get. >> late january on a day like this, i want to call you dr. feelgood. >> for the next two days. >> let's do it. >> dr. feelgood for now. our coverage of the quest for six continues. how the harbaugh brothers could put some extra cash into somebody's wallets on super bowl sunday. and no cuts to social security. that was the call today at a rally outside of a social security office in fremont that included members of congress. just when you thought everything was going well in the economy, it shrinks. we'll take a look at the numbers. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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right now we have breaking news to tell you about from phoenix, arizona. police on the scene of a shooting at an office complex. a shooter came in and opened fire. three people have been hit right now. two others were injured. not a lot of information coming in at this point. a phoenix, arizona, office building. three people have been shot, two injuries. a suspect remains at large. we'll keep on top of this story and bring you new information as we get it into our newsroom. two bay area congressmen are in town today calling on their fellow lawmakers to close tax loopholes for the wealthy. mike honda and eric staalwell held a rally in fremont today to urge congress not to cut social security, medicare and medicaid. christie smith is live in fremont with what has become a national movement. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. they just wrapped up about ten minutes ago. member ps of congress, union
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members, families, some sharing stories about how social security really helped older family members. they talked about their concern about potential cuts to social security going into this congressional session. what they want is to maintain what they have or to increase it. and possibly even take a cap off. they say it's part of the budget-making process. now, with local, state and federal politicians here, they're urging congress to also say no to cuts to medicare and medicaid, too. here's congressman mike honda. >> we have done here is still -- your hard work, your sweat that made this kind of community possible, made this country possible. it's our soldiers who fight overseas on our behalf that make these things possible. but i also know that our government can make mistakes. our government can also do good things. >> now, they're also urging members of congress, as you
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said, to go ahead and close tax loopholes on what they say are the wealthiest americans. back here live. again, they just wrapped up. but they tell me this is one of dozens of events like this happening at social security offices across the country. reporting live in fremont, christie smith, nbc bay area news. startling news this morning, the u.s. economy shrank in the last quarter measured. just once is bad news. scott mcgrew, they have a special name if it happens twice. >> yeah, they call that a recession, two quarters of negative growth. we won't know about the second quarter for a couple months. let's look what we have today. the u.s. economy contracted by 0.1%. not a lot, but it is negative growth. much of that seemed to be the lack of defense spending as we wind down two wars. that number does not include sequestration. those are the huge defense cuts we'll see if the fiscal cliff isn't solved. cuts that will make the cuts we've got so far seem
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practically minor. nor does it include the result of high every taxes most of us are paying now that payroll taxes have gone up. bottom line, it's bad news, but at 0.1% it's not a disaster. but bigger problems are ahead. other news, facebook reports its profits after the closing bell today. scott budman will have a full rundown on that company's results tonight at 6:00. and research in motion, the maker of blackberry, has changed its name. to blackberry. makes sense. >> put the two together very quick. rob mayeda has a nice day outside. good news. >> you can't see clouds anywhere. we don't have too much haze. there's enough of a breeze to keep air quality today in the good to moderate range around the bay area. but as low pressure locks in and acts like a lid, we'll have to watch out for that smoke particle pollution, but not the case today. right now, 58 already in san jose. look at sunnyvale. 63 degrees there.
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53 in san francisco. a little cooler on the coast. those numbers in the low 50s. you can see the winds offshore now, hinting at high pressure strengthening just off to our west. with the view from the city cameras there, good to moderate air quality. no spare the air day today. enough of a breeze to keep the atmosphere mixed closer to ground level. as we head into friday, santa cruz could get close to 70, then we'll see a cooldown as we approach the weekend. we'll show you why we don't have any clouds. no high clouds or storm related clouds. those are being steered off north of the jetstream, moving up to seattle and british columbia. you can see how the clouds are backing away from the coast. the offshore wind fanning away, giving us mostly sunny skies. look at this on the hour by hour forecast. today, tomorrow, friday, all the way into saturday. that's letting you know that
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high pressure is not going anywhere. we'll see low clouds approach the coast into saturday morning. as the sea breeze goes back and picks up to an onshore breeze, that will knock our temperatures down a little bit for this weekend. but staying dry both saturday and again for super bowl sunday. around the bay area today should be low to mid-60s around the santa clara valley. and around the trivalley, we'll see those numbers low to mid-60s today. 62 out by fairfield, winds out of the northeast from 5 to 15 miles per hour. but in the hilltops around mount diablo, we'll see those around 10 this afternoon. 65 degrees in santa rosa a nice afternoon today. i think all this builds up to the warmest day of the week which will be tomorrow i think for areas down on the south coast around santa cruz, those will be locations that may have a chance of getting close to 70 degrees. bay area looking good. low to mid-60s the next few
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days. as we head towards super bowl sunday, a few extra clouds but unusually dry for this time of year. the next chance of rain probably going to hold off until late tuesday to wednesday. if you like sunshine, the next couple of days. >> we do like the sunshine. >> absolutely we do. coming up at 11:00, you want to bet on it? there's interesting proposition bets down at the super bowl on sunday. yeah, some of them involve miss bootylicious. >> then fallon on football. the talk show host has a hilarious take on the niners and especially quarterback colin kaepernick. >> your guy. >> my boyfriend.
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right now plans to extend the stevens creek trail are on the board. a public meeting being held tonight to talk about possible routes for this new trail. the project is a multi-city effort involving sunnyvale, cupertino, los altos and mountainview. tonight's meeting starting at 7:00. and it will be held at the sunnyvale community center grand ballroom. the quest for six draws closer. las vegas does serious business when it comes to the super bowl. >> very creative. some of the most amusing. how about one on beyonce's hairstyle during the half time show. vegas, seriously, offering even odds if it will be either crimped or curly. i think i'm going curly. police also -- police? how about people betting on the color of her clothes. the odds-on favorite have to go with black.
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>> if ray lewis is interview afford the game, how many times will he mention god or the lord under/over is three. >> all right. about how long that post game handshake will take between jim and jon harbaugh. odds maeshs say the over -- under is 7 1/2 seconds. >> i hope they hug. >> a little bro hug, man hug? that's how they should do it. the 49ers on the musical stage? sort of. beach blanket babylon in san francisco is joining in on all the super bowl action. i love this show. probably have seen it at least 20 times. >> you've been telling me i need to go. >> i have seen it so many times. it will perform a special 49ers act. the trio will be performing the famous queen hit "we are the champions." >>. ♪ of the world >> it's not the actually niners since they're too busy gearing up for sunday.
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>> you've seen it so many times. >> i love it. >> do i have to take a blanket. just wanted to check. my snuggy. when we return, jimmy fallon giving his props on the pros and kons.
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we're on. late night talk show host jimmy fallon weighed in on his thoughts on the super bowl. >> i'm a huge fan. the name of the man of the hour, colin kaepernick. take a listen to this. >> let's take a look at the pros and cons of super bowl xlvii. here we go. pro, the word 49ers refers to people in california that dig for gold. con, so does the word "kardashian." google that. pro, a 49ers quarterback colin
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kaepernick has the heart of a champion. con, and the name of a leprechaun. colin kaepernick. >> and one more pro? >> look. >> how about you? >> what do you think of my jersey? do you like it? isn't it strong? it has the official super bowl logo on it thanks to a friend of mine who sent this over to the station. >> you and mr. kaepernick kind of have a thing going on. >> he didn't send it tot me. >> he just doesn't know it yet. >> he doesn't know who i am. >> he will. >> thank you for being with us. >> i know he's feeling the love right now. ♪
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